Coming soon (I hope)…

To those of you who check in regularly: Thank you, I’m honored. And I apologize for the lull here.

I have a backlog of ballets I’m eager to respond to: Alexei Ratmansky’s incredible premiere for New York City Ballet; Michael Clark’s worthy Stravinsky nights at Lincoln Center Great Performances, too easily dismissed by the Times (the only paper to review it, I think); Tharp’s admirably epic and somehow opaque “Rabbit and Rogue” for American Ballet Theatre, also given a Times beating (I detect a pattern here); and some more thoughts on Robbins–how much he tells you by his dancers’ exits and entrances–as the Robbins festival at New York City Ballet continues. But I won’t let myself do any of that until I finish a pile of paying work. So, we’ll see how much you care by the time I get around to it.

In the meantime–or  in any case–check out regular Times contributor Claudia La Rocco’s omnivore blog The Culturist on WNYC’s web site: interesting stuff.

And if you’re wanting some reflections on ballet while we’re in the midst of the spring season, here are a few pieces from the Foot vault: me on “Serenade” (apropos of nothing, I know); and me on what can be done about ABT’s “The Sleeping Beauty.” Perhaps they have done it! (It’s being reprised this month at the Met.)


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