Olesia Novikova: check her out

…in the Kirov’s three-week season at City Center. As top shade in “La Bayadere” last night (led by doll-like Alina Somova), she moved with the wind at her back, like a prisoner of Dante’s Inferno, the weight of memory and hope flying away from her. Until she appeared, most everything had been so studied.
Tonight, she leads in a tidbit from “Raymonda” (what’s with these tidbits? Would have much preferred one long ballet). Later in the season, she dances Nikiya in the “Bayadere” 3rd Act, the lead in “Rubies” and a pas de deux from “Diana and Acteon,” and some Forsythe.
This is the first I’ve seen of Novikova, so I don’t really know how she’ll do in other parts, but am excited to find out.

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  1. says

    Did you like her in Rubies? I LOVED her in that! Unfortunately it was the only time I was able to see her this season.
    Apollinaire responds: Well, I loved HER, but I guess I’m with Sir Alastair in finding her “all wrong” in the part. She didn’t have enough going on in her center, it seemed to me–not enough juice–and I think she confused the vulgarity of the role with STRETCHing her legs a lot. But I’m still excited about her–from her shade in “La Bayadere” and then from the Forsythe, which she made so slippery and good-hearted. She’s like Vishneva (for me, anyway), in that she makes me think, what a good person! I like dancers that exude that (and also dancers, like Nureyev, who don’t at all). So nice to hear from you, Tonya!

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