Apropos of popularizing dance…

…and of the blog mode of unremitting self-promotion, here’s a feature I wrote on one of the works the esteemed Claudia La Rocco referenced in her Times article about the MTVization of concert dance.
The feature is on “Revolution,” the rock ‘n tap show opening at the Joyce Theater in Manhattan this Tuesday and running for two weeks.
I really liked the show’s creators; they seemed really smart and thoughtful, with knowledge that was deep and broad, ranging from hoofer Jimmy Slyde to Metallica to Charlie Kaufman’s “Adaptation.” Their aspirations seemed less slick-MTV than wild and raucous club and stadium rock. (I know, I know, those aren’t the same, but they can be spirited similarly.)
Their M.O. is very contemporary, very postmodern, very iPod generation. They take from whatever they think will work and yet there’s no disrespect in their magpie approach. (After all, Dylan is a magpie, too–lots of art proceeds from generation to generation that way.)
Also, have I reminded you enough about Elsewhere, the column down on the right with links to recent pieces of mine (mine! mine, mine!–this being a blog, where it seems you can never remind people too much about yourself)? The column only shows up when you’re on Foot’s main page. There’s a new review down there.
Please also note, below, Foot regular Paul Parish has weighed in on the Pavarotti of dance question (and got lots of reader response, which I will post later in the coming week) and offers for San Francisco Bay Area readers a GO recommendation.

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