A small epiphany about ABT’s “The Sleeping Beauty,” plus June plans

I’m under the gun with writing and non-writing, paying and volunteer assignments, so my participation in this blog may be slight for the next couple of weeks.
But upcoming from others:
–Eva Yaa Asantewaa’s “GO” recommendations and anything else she wants to do.
–A report by Theresa Ruth Howard, dancer extraordinaire with Karole Armitage, on Dance/NYC’s race and dance panel, held in May.
Late in the month, I hope to return to ABT’s “The Sleeping Beauty.” Last night, I ran into the wonderful Times critic Roslyn Sulcas, who, I think it’s safe to say, isn’t too fond of the production, and she handed me an epiphany–an interesting way to consider at least some of the flaws: that there’s a clash of sensibilities, one inspired by metaphor, one plot-oriented. One approach makes the other redundant and simultaneously undermines it. So, more to come.
We agreed that much of the dancing was sublime. It’s worth going just to see what the corps women do with the fairies: for example, Yuriko Kajiya as Fervor (aka Coulante); Misty Copeland as Valor (aka Violente), and an absolutely startling Zhong-Jing Fang as Joy (Canari–songbird).
Also, later in the summer I hope to be posting essays on the nine outings of Chez Bushwick’s groundbreaking AMBUSH, the perambulatory monthly series of performance and dance in Bushwick, Brooklyn. (I will have contributed one of these essays.)
And, of course, there is always you to spice things up around here. ~Apollinaire

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