Apollinaire: All–or Kinda–Quiet on the Foot Front

In case you were wondering whether there is any rhyme or reason to when things get posted–the answer is, Not really.
In my case, the rhythm depends on my other, paying work–both for Newsday and elsewhere. When I’m up to my eyeballs elsewhere, there’s less of me here.
That said, I can tell you this (what a paragraph of thises and thats and heres and theres!–those wonderful pointing words that are nowhere themselves): I am swamped until about the first week of April. I may have others’ pieces to post, with perhaps compulsive commentary from me.
After that, though, I plan to do a whole rash of longer essays about things I’m seeing–not just about how we critics are seeing them. Remember the Balanchine posts by me and Paul and Brian Seibert and Marc Etlin that Terry Teachout’s and my visit to New York City Ballet set off? Wasn’t that fun? Kinda like that.

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