Another post from me probably isn’t coming until Wednesday. But I’d love to hear from you-all about ANYTHING any of us have discussed so far.
I can think, for example, of many objections and qualifications to my post “The Frame Game” (scroll down). Here’s one. I say:

Don’t fault Mark Morris for not being Neil Greenberg, much less the Rockettes for not being Eiko and Koma, masters of the stark and slow. Submit to the show’s frame of reference. When you can’t, because the problem as you see it IS the frame, say so.

I forgot that it’s always possible that the critic objects not to the frame but to the fact that she can’t find one. Or maybe she doesn’t object but simply goes ahead and supplies her own–an unconscious form of objection. We’re very resourceful creatures, we humans. We’ll fill in the gaps without even realizing we are.
Okay, talk to you in a few days.

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