Apollinaire: I meant it as a metaphor…

When, in the post below (“That Freaky Stuff“), I said young conceptuo-dancemakers were “barfing all over the stage” (how disgusting of me!), I didn’t mean literally.
I should have. Last night I saw the final program of Dance Theater Workshop’s Spring Dance Dialogue, in which young European, Russian, and American choreographers workshop their pieces for a week, then present them.
Levi Gonzalez’s deceptively antiseptically entitled “Public Presentation of a Fragmentary Arrangement with Unstable Elements (work in progress)” began with four people staring at us. An audience plant tossed random stuff on the stage–a plastic bin, some shopping bags, a magazine, etc.–which the dancers flung around. They also gyrated their hips (a favorite downtown move lately). About 10 minutes in, performer Kayvon Pourazar began heaving. He stayed doubled over making retching noises for at least two minutes.
A parody of my description of the new new thing or just a nifty coincidence?

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