Annie-B responds: we can be still to call attention to motion

Thank you. I love the musical perspective. Dance utilizes her elements in similar ways. We choreographers can draw attention to things without creating connections. We can be still to call attention to motion, but it must be framed in order to read. Molissa Fenley did a piece 25 years ago that never stopped moving, and there was no line to etch the movement, and all I could think of was stillness. Quite a bit like Jackson Pollock, who draws my mind toward motion/stillness. Rhythm draws attention to pattern and non-pattern (for me today). And no element in dance intrinsically is more valuable or less than any other. It’s up to the choreographer/dancer to catch the interest and consideration of the audience. I need some coffee…
[ed note: Annie-B Parson is codirector/co-choreographer of Big Dance Theater, based in New York.]

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