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Scandal has a half-life that's all too brief. Take Madonna for instance. Her "Like a Prayer" video was hugely controversial. Religious ecstasy mixed with interracial schtupping led to Pepsi's pulling out of sponsoring Ms. Ciccone's global tour. Then came forays into transgendered S&M. MTV wouldn't commit to Madonna's "Justify My Love." But what's a few riding crops, silver chains, and black masks compared to the trashy delights of Rock of Love? Or the raw splendor that is YouTube? Right. And the Scandal-O-Meter amounts to a whopping ... meh. After French kissing Britney Spears was met with yawns, Madonna knew the end had come. Time to meditate, adopt children, and by the way, from now on, just call me Esther. Like the Material Girl, Gustave Charpentier's opera *Louise* had its share of scandal, too. But time hasn't been kind. After all, the plot centers on Louise, the daughter of traditional working-class parents, who falls in love with the boy next door, and they venture off for bohemian Paris to live a life of free love. Shocking? Yes. Once upon a time. Now? About as titillating as Sisqó's "Thong Song." [Whole story ... ](
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