Voices from the Field: Young Cultural Leaders

Salzburg Young Cultural Leaders ForumWhat does it mean to be a cultural leader in this day and age? What are the global and local contexts within which we work? Why do the arts matter and how can we communicate this within our communities? What challenges are our cultural organizations facing and how can we effectively lead change?

These are the questions in the back of every young cultural leader’s mind… and they are at the heart of the most pressing issues faced by leaders in our field. Next week, we will dig into these questions with a fresh perspective at the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders.

I’m very excited to be spending next week talking with young cultural leaders from around the world on these very topics. I will be in Salzburg with the NAS team and will be sharing a steady stream interviews and insights from Fellows and panelists here on Field Notes all week. We will also feature posts on these questions by other cultural bloggers from around the world and invite you to add your voice to this discussion as well.

Stay tuned!



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