How have you engaged your staff to cultivate new leaders?

Staff Picks

NAS produces publications, videos and other management tools to inspire those working in the field to take a fresh look at their work and the challenges they face. Over the last few years we have amassed quite a large catalog of content. We’ve sent NAS staff members into the archives to pick their favorites and share them here. This week NAS Director, Dallas Shelby, shares one of his favorite NAS videos. Full disclosure: I conducted this interview. It was a fascinating chat, not only because I got to see the incredible artifacts in the … [Read more...]

Civic Health. Civic Equity. Civic Capacity.

Michael Rohd

Michael Rohd, Founding Artistic Director of Sojourn Theatre and Founder & Director of The Center for Performance and Civic Practice shares the values that guide both organizations: Civic Health. Civic Equity. Civic Capacity. Rohd conveys how these values are integrated into every decision made by both organizations and the approach taken to support equity conceptually through their work and literally in the community.         … [Read more...]

On Values & Building Community


Inclusivity. Creativity & Innovation. Integrity. These are the values that Irfana Jetha Noorani thrives on through her work with the 11th Street Bridge Park. Each day is about bringing communities together around a civic space and it is these values that serve as the thread stringing all the aspects of her work together.     … [Read more...]

Scott Kratz: Values


The intentionality of our actions, the generosity of our time and the creation of an authentic space. These are some of the ways that Scott Kratz, Director of the 11th Street Bridge Park, brings his values into his work.   … [Read more...]

We’re Better Together


HowlRound is a commons by and for theatremakers. No one owns a commons, it exists for the benefit of all, and the role HowlRound plays is not one of curator, but rather of steward, of enabler. We believe in operating from a place of abundance, rather than scarcity. We believe that there is enough for everyone, and promote collaboration over competition. All HowlRound platforms and programs (an online journal, livestreaming television channel, interactive data map, in person convenings, etc.) are designed to create openness, … [Read more...]

The Commons

CC Terry Kearney via Flickr

Growing up, the public library was a place that allowed Polly Carl, Director & Editor of HowlRound: A Center for the Theater Commons, to find belonging and access imagination. This introduction to a commons model is something that she's carried with her and influences all that she brings as a leader to the organization. The commons model is all about inclusivity. Carl honors and encourages this through her work at HowlRound. Inclusivity is so engrained in the organization, Carl says that the staff must have buy-in to this value or it's … [Read more...]

The Ethics of Process

CC patti haskins via Flickr

I think a lot about how outcomes can be deceiving. What I mean by this is that a beautiful work of art is sometimes not so beautiful in the making. How many times have we heard about a director sexually abusing his cast in the process of making a great movie, or intern/assistant labor being exploited in the process of creating a million dollar artwork? Too many. I think about the types of values that we promote when we celebrate an outcome but fail to examine what goes into achieving that outcome. I think about this especially in the context … [Read more...]

The Willingness to Unlearn

CC Daniel X. O'Neil via Flickr

You've heard from Jeff McCarter, Founder & Executive Director of Free Spirit Media, now Andrea Hart, Civic Media Program Coordinator shares how her values appear in her work.  I’ve created hyperlocal digital news programs that contextualize learning and build on students’ cultural capital within schools or community spaces in Chicago since 2011. I currently serve as Free Spirit Media’s Civic Media Program Coordinator, and various roles in other entrepreneurial journalism projects. At FSM, I have the privilege of working to create … [Read more...]

It’s a work in progress, but it’s crucial work

Free Spirit Media

"It's about them." "We're all alive." "We're all going through this crazy path of life."   Jeff McCarter, Founder & Executive Director of Free Spirit Media shares how the values of the organization surround human dignity and the people their programs serve. McCarter challenges organizations to really own their values, but believes that it is always a work in progress.     … [Read more...]

Clyde Valentin: Values

CC Trevor Huxham via Flickr

Clyde Valentin, Director of the SMU Meadows Arts + Urbanism Initiative shares how values appear in his work through acknowledging equity and inequity, acknowledging people everyday and recognizing that mistakes happen.       … [Read more...]