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I'm just gonna say this and you can judge or not: I'm obsessed with the Josef Fritzl case. I'm obsessed with it to the extent that I've set up Google alerts with various Fritzl family members' names, and never let a day go by without clicking each link.

I don't know why, and to be honest, I've purposely avoided exploring it too deeply (perhaps after realizing my dad--generally a really good guy--has a similar moustache). What I do know is that 2009, aside from being a great number of other things, was the year of Josef Fritzl in the arts. This year, the Fritzl case was represented onstage in a controversial Viennese play, a New Zealand rock opera, and even on the English National Opera's stage, in a production of Bartok's Duke Bluebeard's Castle

In the visual arts, well, I found the nice portrait at left online, but also, a London gallery hosted a much-discussed Fritzl-based installation

This year's final Fritzl alert contained the announcement that the liquidator of the Amstetten dungeon where Fritzl kept his secret "family" will fill the space with concrete. And fittingly, the news has me thinking about its artistic potential. Any chance Rachel Whiteread could get in there first?
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I'm going through 7,000+ pieces of Yahoo mail digging out my own fritzl alerts. i have 2 piles-fritzl, and fritzl wannabes. in my case,i know why the fascination. i was born in Austria and every time I visited,I drove past Amstetten to get to Grieskirchen,my birthplace. I've known women like his wife. Lot's of them. Better not to make him angry because when you've been married that long,a nice beer,a little sausage,some peace and quiet, it's all you really want. If he had lost interest in sex with her-why should she wonder or complain. Life would be so much easier. the building looks huge. As an Austrian,i need to prove there are people out there as bad and worse than that piece of garbage. how about you?

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