Understatement of the Season

This, from today's New York Times: Michael Kimmelman's feature on The Producers' Berlin stage debut. The "Mr. Walter" in question is Falk Walter, director of the Admiralspalast, where the show is being produced, and where audience members can enjoy the proceedings from the comfort of the Fuhrer's own box seats. 

Tough times have hit theaters here. This German-language version of the show comes via Vienna, where the curtain fell on a planned yearlong run after only 10 months. One estimate put losses there at $26,000 a week. About 71 percent of seats were sold. Ticket sales here picked up a bit after the opening on Sunday but have been equally slow. And Mr. Walter can't count on a big, aging, suburban Jewish population to pad the parquet. [my italics]

Riiight. I'm guessing he probably can't count on a big, aging, urban Jewish population, either.
May 19, 2009 12:10 PM |
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