Friday Mack Attack, 3/13/09

This week I'm macking on: Colorado. Because I'm headed there tomorrow, March 14, until March 28. Thanks to everyone who sent me their recommendations for theaters in the Denver/Boulder area. I plan to take in as much as possible and report back here. And if you know of a can't-miss pick or an up-and-coming house anywhere between Denver and Aspen (Really! I'm getting a rental car!), send it along.

This week I'm hating on: The death of Leonore Annenberg--widow of former Philadelphia Inquirer publisher Walter Annenberg--and today's subsequent announcement that the Annenberg Foundation headquarters will move from Radnor, Pa. (a suburb on Philadelphia's Main Line) to Los Angeles. Things don't look good for the foundation to continue in its role as a major funder of all things nonprofit in Philadelphia, as its current trustees--Annenberg's stepdaughter Wallis and her three children--are based in L.A. and Paris and have little connection to Philly. To be sure, Annenberg watchers have seen this coming for a while, but that doesn't make it any less painful.

Even ignoring the $500 million the Annenbergs have donated to the University of Pennsylvania over the last half-century, their impact on the area has been a game-changer, with $70 million doled out to area organizations in 2007 alone. The arts in Philadelphia will suffer mightily without them. A regular and large-scale donor to the beleaguered Philadelphia Orchestra, the foundation was also a booster for the city's other arts institutions, and last year awarded a $10 million grant to the Kimmel Center "for a month-long festival to be held in April 2011 that will showcase the Philadelphia region and more than 100 of its arts and cultural organizations." Well, at least we've got that to look forward to. Hopefully, by 2011, some of them will still be around to participate.
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