The Right Play at the Proper Time

workers_15b.jpgBush the Elder once said he'd "do the right thing at the proper time." Well, Hedgerow Theatre, in mounting Looking Over the President's Shoulder at this time, has certainly done so. Either way the American people played the election, this production would have made the impact for which Hedgerow had hoped. 

The play is about African-American White House chief Butler Alonzo Fields' 21 years of service, and if we'd had a McCain presidency, it would have served as a sad reminder of what might have been, and those for whom time was running out on the dream. But that isn't the case, and though I had a quarrel or two with James Still's script, it's a pretty remarkable piece of work for right here, right now. 

Fields also harbored dreams of becoming an opera singer, and the script recalls the sole time he was invited to sing, for Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and though they applauded, they also laughed. It's just too bad Mr. Fields didn't make it to the staff of this White House, where he could have sung his arias and, one imagines, no one would have laughed.

January 20, 2009 1:24 PM |
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