All This Week She's Had Butterflies

Sarah Palin at Philly's Irish Pub last night doing her version of "Omigod You Guys!" Bailey was so much cuter.

Who nailed it better?
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Concerning the Anglo-Dutch Conspiracy.

Now Hank the Plank's gonna get his dough and become our new Emperor, we can but hope he is deposed rapidly, that being said let's examine how we got here...

Rainy days and Postal employees do not mix, our federal workers scurry like crabs in bad weather, hiding behind doors and windows, neglecting their duties........

Exiting a small town Post Office this summer, I was accosted by short, owlish man, files under his arm. Normally moved on by the local constabulary, that day , he found, to his delight, no law enforcement in sight, no Postal workers to complain.

"Hello, sir," he tipped his flat cap, "You do know about the Anglo-Dutch conspriracy, don't you?"
Shaking my head dumbly, and casting a wary eye around, I bade him continue.
Thrusting a magazine in my hand he quickly explained, that, the world was about to end, and, it was all part of a conspiracy, the Anglo-Dutch conspiracy..
"But," he assured me.."Dr La Rouche is fighting back..."
Apparently, La Rouche, who I thought was either dead or in jail, or both, had, during his last stint in stir produce an epic conspiratorial work, reminiscent of the Fuhrer's in Landsberg, and his subject matter was the Anglo-Dutch, that's right, Not Jews, blacks, commies or Catholics....

I took a copy of the magazine, leaving the man to stand his guard outside the Post office, I used the magazine to swat flies and thought nothing more of it until our Hank got his way today......

Hank's monumental effort described in Europe as "An unfortunate victory for Anglo-Saxon consumerism and fiscal irresponsibility" got me thinking.....

I'm Anglo-Dutch, maybe we've ruined the world, but I think we'll get away with it...Hell Hank can blame the French...Is La Rouche a French name????????

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