Did Someone Mess with My Calendar?

...Because it doesn't look like April 1. 

So does that mean this is for real? For really real? Is American Psycho really slated to hit Broadway in 2010? 

Didn't anyone learn their lesson from The Fly, the opera? I'm all for Grand Guignol revivalism, and even more for Bennington grads making mad money, but seriously? American Psycho, the jukebox musical? Didn't The Wedding Singer satisfy everyone's '80's cravings when it closed after less than a year? Didn't Glory Days satisfy everyone's thirst for blood?

I'll bet anyone a bloody, bloody Andrew Jackson (I'm not one of those Bennington grads making mad money) that Patrick Bateman's catalogue of murders--assuming it ever makes it to the stage--will rival the Moose Murders for the terror it inspires in its investors. 

But, um, if everything does work out, who wants to drive up with me to see it? 

Below, Bennington grad Justin Theroux in the film based on Bennington grad Bret Easton Ellis' book.
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Bumbling Bungo Bush, leader of the Half-wits, was given vast public forum to air his views on "Impending Armageddon".

Twitching like flea bitten dog, our Bungo warned of "Dire consequence" and "The Likes of which have never been seen" if Hank the Plank and his sidekicks didn't get their bazookas.

On the Hill, the sacred hill, our elected representatives, all standing to have their blind trusts and nest eggs wiped out unless Hank gets armed, waved pieces of paper, and talked of deals and compromises, whilst Bungo and his cronies watched their assets deplete.

Bungo's on his way out, and he doesn't care. Hank the Plank wants to move out too.....

Go look for Bungo, he's with Regalus "among the ruins of Carthage"

I'm hoping to forget it all ASAFP.

I appreciate that theatre's fun, and critical to culture, but, who will remember the penny plays as the real pantomime unfolds in Washington????????

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