Young at Heart: The Musical

No, it hasn't happened yet, it's just a suggestion. Think how many supremely talented elderly actors would jump--well, maybe hop--at the chance to perform in this production, since other than Lear and the odd production of Having Our Say, opportunities are few and far between. There's drama, and hey, you could always insert some romance. That's my pitch. Anyone with me?

June 12, 2008 5:37 PM | | Comments (1)


The movie was so of the best documentaries I've ever seen. There are many moments of genuine transformation caught in this film. I took my 87-year-old mother to see it, and in the audience were seniors in wheelchairs, some with oxygen bottles. It's such an affirmation!

Would it make a good live musical? about more live REAL choruses like this one. Let's move the seniors beyond simplistic sing-alongs. I've used many forms of music to engage my mom (see films of this on my youtube site). The movie showed for only a few days locally. Hope it comes out on dvd soon, or perhaps shown on PBS stations. So readers, if you have the chance, go see this movie with friends. You won't regret it. Bring Kleenex.

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