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Demolition Derby: Another Teardown Preceding a Museum Buildup

While we’re on the subject of nasty-looking demolition projects that are prelude to the construction of snazzy new museum facilities, guess which one this is:


Let’s move to the west for another view:


That cheery construction worker, who color-coordinates (sort of) with the artwork behind him, informed me that there’s a lot of asbestos in the hulk shown in the first picture, necessitating a slow and painstaking dismantling process.

Let’s move even further west, still surveying the same museum’s expansive construction site:


Now I’ve given it away: It’s the much admired (by CultureGrrl readers, anyway) Premier Veal (Lamb Too) building, which I was relieved to see (as of Jan. 26) was still standing.

Save those cows! (Lambs too!) Where is the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission when we really need it?

(You know I’m just kidding, right?)

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