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“Lee Rosenbaum” (not alter ego, “CultureGrrl”) in NY Times Today

One small step for newspapers, one giant step for the NY Times.

The last time that the Times cited me and my blog (more than two years ago), its online editors refused to link to CultureGrrl, informing me that the Times then linked exclusively to its own web pages, not to external sites.

Today, in Randy Kennedy‘s catch-up article on the National Academy’s secret art sales, I am credited for breaking the story (“Lee Rosenbaum, a blogger at”) on the jump page of the hard copy. (His piece starts on the first page of the Arts section.) In the online version (YES!) there’s actually an external link.

But it goes to ArtsJournal‘s home page, not to my blog, CultureGrrl, (which is unnamed), let alone to the specific post that Kennedy alludes to.

Hey, it’s a start. But next time (if there ever is one), I hope they’ll name the blog, as well as the blogger!

For those who may have done a web search for me after reading the Times, my other posts on the National Academy’s art sales are here and here. (The latter link gets you to important details that Kennedy missed.)

Next week, vows the Grrl, there will be more.

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