Blue Music Group Pulls its Catalog from Spotify

A FEW weeks ago I wrote about the difficulties the new regime of streaming were creating in jazz and classical music, and quoted one of the heads of the avant-garde Pi Recordings on how the label had chosen to take its music off Spotify, since the rates were so bad and cutting into their sales. He was glad he’d done it.

The Blue Music Group has just made a similar move, with the founder of the indie jazz and classical label saying in a statement:

Having our catalog available at Spotify’s pitiful rates – and we’re talking about fractions of cents per streamed song – kills all chances to produce new fruitful music.  Blue Music Group is keen to pay its artists fairly, we have one of the highest royalty rates in the industry. We rely on people buying our downloads from Apple iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp.moominswe2

Here is the story, on Digital Music News.





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