Jazz and Classical Musicians vs. Streaming

WE’RE starting to hear a lot from musicians about how music streaming destroys their ability to make a living. So far, it’s been harder to find out how it’s affecting jazz and classical music.220px-Jason_moran_stadtgarten_koln_070405

I tried to get into the subject with a new story for Salon. I speak to a number of musicians (including pianist Jason Moran) and observers, including an insightful woman from the Future of Music Coalition. Here it is.

UPDATE: I was traveling in Oregon over the weekend, so had to edit this story on my cellphone, which I’m not very good at. There’s at least one typo, which may be fixed by the time you read this, but if not, an otherwise puzzling line should read this way:

Or, if you want music written the Russian late romantic, do you want Rachmaninoff, or Rachmaninov?


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