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Accidental Nostalgia
June 3-5


    We are pleased to have Beth Brooks, Rebecca Denk, Allen Johnson, and Rob Knop, as our guest BLOGGERS for Cynthia Hopkins' performance.

    Beth Brooks has been kicking around Seattle for the past twenty some years, working as an arts marketer for just about every theatre in town. A rabid dance fan (she'll be quick to tell you how she took ballet lessons until she was 16 years old), you can usually find her in the audience of most dance performances. Currently she's a freelance marketing consultant. You can reach her at brooksbeth@comcast.net.

    Rebecca Denk has bounced around Seattle’s performance and theater community for the last 8 years, mostly behind the scenes as an arts administrator, fundraiser and stage manager. She was the development director that supported On the Boards move into the Behnke Center after a few seasons at the same job with the Empty Space Theater. Most recently she was the first full-time paid staff member as managing director over at Theater Schmeater. Rebecca is currently in a heated romance with for-profit retail at Toys in Babeland, but she’s the treasurer of the Pat Graney Company on the side.

    Allen Johnson has worked as an inksmith, truck driver, and boiler mechanic.  A portion of his solo show, Another You, was presented at On the Boards' Northwest New Works Festival in April, and will appear at the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art's TBA Festival in September.

    Rob Knop is a performer, composer, and lyricist living in Seattle, Washington. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1992 and the Berklee College of Music in 1993, he has remained active in music ever since. Rob's recording credits include Milk and Money self-titled EP (1993), Blind Tribe 'A' (Miramar Records 1993), Home Alive Benefit Record (A&M Records 1995), Hillpeople self-titled LP (1998) 'Nelson does Nilsson' demo session with Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger, ex-Long Winters) (2002), Novatone 'The Jupiter Sessions' (2004) and The Quick 'The Diana Moves Sessions Part One'. An accomplished composer, Rob's songs have been featured on Seattle radio stations KEXP 90.3, KISW 99.9 and the former KXRX 96.5. Rob was also Assistant Director for the independent film, 'Hedda Gabler' directed by Paul Willis and based on Willis' successful stage production for Printer's Devil Theatre. 'Hedda Gabler' will world premiere as part of the Seattle International Film Festival on June 12, 2004. Rob's most ambitious project to date will be the world premiere of his contemporary rock musical Diana Moves in August 2004 at Consolidated Works. The multimedia production was featured in the 2002 Northwest New Works Festival at On the Boards. Visit www.dianamoves.com for more information or to purchase tickets.


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We are pleased to have Beth Brooks, Rebecca Denk, Allen Johnson, and Rob Knop, as our guest BLOGGERS for Cynthia Hopkins' performance. More

Biographies and history of Cynthia Hopkins and her band Gloria Deluxe. More

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Cynthia Hopkins was motivated to write her new piece, Accidental Nostalgia: An Operetta on the Pros and Cons of Amnesia because she suffered from amnesia as a child after her mother’s death from cancer. Accompanied by her live band Gloria Deluxe, Hopkins brings her breakthrough performance to On the Boards for three nights, June 3-5, 2004, on the heels of its March premiere at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn. More

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