In Favor of Genetically Modified Organizations


I prefer my vegetables in their 100% organic state. I don't feel the same way about non-profit arts & cultural organizations. There is nothing sacred about the business model and (dare I say it?) the artistic mission of any arts and cultural organization. That doesn't mean that an organization shouldn't stand for anything. Nor would I argue that it's healthy for an organization's business model or artistic mission to fluctuate all … [Read more...]



In springtime, a nonprofit's thoughts turn to thoughts of...  BUDGET. In many organizations, the annual budget is an exercise of simply replacing the names of THIS year's performances, events or exhibitions with those of NEXT year.  Sure, we'll lower revenue expectations for similar events that under-performed this season - and we'll raise projections for events that we hope will perform better next year.  And everybody agrees to hold the … [Read more...]

“Lab Tests” Assess Health of Arts & Cultural Organizations


In one of my favorite Star Trek (original series) moments, Dr. McCoy eschews his abundant technology and tells a reluctant patient to open his mouth, "The machine is capable of almost anything but I'll still put my trust in a healthy set of tonsils." Today's arts & cultural organizations would be wise to do the same. While the analytic capabilities of so many websites and ticketing systems are immense, it's not unusual for arts & … [Read more...]

Please Sir, I want some more… Budget


Moooooore?  You want more? Let's face it, there are moments when the typical nonprofit budget process can descend to Dickensian depths of oppressiveness, misery and hopelessness. So let's take a moment to dream up a DIFFERENT story ... something joyous ... one in which all of the other parameters of your organization's budget remain the stable, AND... The reply to your request is, "Why, yes!  Gladly.  Here you go!  Here's an increase to … [Read more...]