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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Taking brand placement to a whole new place

As traditional ad placements become lost in the clutter, or fast-forwarded on TiVO boxes and such, consumer companies are always searching for new and unexpected spots to display their brand. In Boston, Target now runs an animated commercial in the subway system...a series of images brought into motion by the train passing by. In another unique ad format, the white earphones and cord of the Apple iPod make anyone wearing one a moving brand builder. The white cord plays prominently in their television and print campaigns just to reinforce the point.

In Britain, one company has taken brand distribution seven steps further by offering foreheads for sale. The foreheads are the brainstorm of Cunning Stunts Communications, a guerilla marketing outfit that helps companies promote products through stunts, gags, viral marketing, and massive pranks. Their 'foreheADS' campaign allows you to rent out space on college students' foreheads, placing temporary tatoo ads or logos for public view.

Says their promotional copy:

Students/participants must display the ads for a minimum of three hours a day in highly visible locations such as instructed by Cunning, such as student bars, local pubs/bars and high footfall shopping or tourist areas. In return, they will receive approximately twice minimum wage on an hourly rate.

Participating students will have to provide photographic evidence of the transfer in situ whilst out and about.

We all know that enthusiastic audience members are our best advocates. I suppose we could ask the most enthusiastic among them if they'd be up for this. Or, what about members of the board? Hmmm. And with my hairline, I wonder if I could get time-and-a-half.

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