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What lingers after an absence

Doug + Mike Starn, Big Bambu: You Can’t, You Don’t, You Won’t Stop, on the rooftop at the Met, through October.
They should have called it Beavers in the Sky. Busy, busy, busy. While it was fun to climb through bamboo 50 feet in the air to regard the Manhattan skyline, the payoff was what’s there already. Franz Kline had it right. The wonder is the architecture in the surround. The Starns worked too hard for little result. Bring back the photos.
50 Years of Pace Gallery: What can money, power and brains buy a gallery? Plenty. Three shows in four locations constituted a solid survey of the enterprise’s best and brightest. 
Also: Joan Snyder at Betty Cunningham (luscious lips and leaky blooms); Robert Gober at Matthew Marks (feet clogging his drains); the sign on Jim Kempner‘s office door (Disturb!); Five Decades of Judy Pfaff at Ameringer McEnery Yohe (The Starns needed to see this show. Unlike them, she knows how to make an excess of material into an essential), and Bing Wright at Paula Cooper (a spare tribute to the alchemical magic of a dying, silver-based medium). 



  1. Yay!

  2. I experienced Kara’s work some years ago at the Henry. Very intense.. so much so that I still think about it.
    Welcome home, Regina!

  3. artisforangels says:

    You are totally right on with your new post Regina! I am SO VERY HAPPY you are back in circulation, I was very worried about you! I prayed for you and my prayers were answered. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the title of Kara’s piece, do you approve? The pictures remind me of my Grandmothers silhouettes she had in her bedroom. So charming! Thanks for coming back to us, we love you!

  4. Beth Sellars says:

    So, so nice to have you back, Regina. Seattle’s missed your incisively fair perspective, not to mention your iconic personality. Stay well!

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