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Two top Seattle artists open galleries

I am developing it in association with Francine Seders. Also, the Koplin Del Rio Gallery in LA, which has represented my work for many years. Both galleries are helping me get up and running; they’ve given me practical advice, offered me their mailing lists as well as their considerable marketing savvy
The gallery will specialize in contemporary drawings, photography, and other fine works on paper. #

Yoder was represented in Seattle by Howard House.He opens at Frosh&Portmann in New York Oct. 7.  #

It is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of SEASON on Sunday Oct 17 from 2-5 pm.
Season will host two solo shows four times a year at 1222 NE Ravenna Blvd, Seattle Washington. #



  1. Robert’s new project has a website… also a name: SEASON.

  2. also i’m fairly sure Howard is still representing works by many in his roster, sans-physical space.

  3. Hi Shaun. I gave the title. It’s in highlights, as part of Robert’s quote. Thanks for the website address.

  4. Hasn’t Lundin polluted the art scene enough around here. He really ought to know when to leave the stage for crying out loud.

  5. Hey aggint99, How about skipping the anonymity when voicing your opinion so that the readers of this blog may better understand your motivations.

  6. This forum was structured by its author and moderator to be an arena for ideas. Turning it into a lurid soap opera drama of personalities or “motivation” does not serve that end.
    One would hope that comments posted here might encourage readers to consider this artist’s use or misuse of power in the community over an extraordinarily long period and the range of impacts that has had on that community. How much should one credo and output have on so small a stage for so long??

  7. Dear Mr.aggint99, Its not my purpose here to attack you for voicing an opinion that you’re entitled to. It is however, a curiosity for me as to why you would use such a strongly worded descriptive of an artist who appears to be simply plying his craft.
    “Polluted”? Really? Have Mr. Lundin’s sins been so far-reaching as to warrant his bannishment from our local culture? Have I missed something? Pray tell, what has he done to offend you so deeply?
    By asking you to identify yourself I am attempting to understand your position. If you are an artist, then it would be my hope that I’d be able to visit your website and take a look at your work. If you are a gallery owner then I would wonder if your comments were of a competitive nature. If you are simply an opinionated lover of the arts, then I would like to discover the reasoning behind the intensity of your comments.
    As I stated, aggint99, you are absolutely entitled to your passionate expression, but in my opinion, it’d be more substantive if you’d stand behind your words by simply identifying who you are.
    By the way: I do not know Mr. Lundin and I am not defending either him or his art as I am sure he’d prefer to speak for himself.

  8. I am the Walrus.

  9. Unpleasant character indeed

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