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Money, the impoverished visuals

Eight years of George Bush and his cronies pushed us over the cliff. Now, the same people who put us there want to be sure we don’t climb back. Maybe we should all light a sparkler and sing softly to ourselves, from sea to shining sea, to remind us of what’s at stake. #



  1. Allow me to put my own 200 cents in…
    (2 interleaved dollar bills and packing tape)

  2. Hi Regina!
    Here is a better link for my 200 cents comment.
    Often even I can’t find my own shit.
    NYC, eh? Why not compose some posts and schedule them for later publication?
    Anyhoo, happy travels and don’t miss Cecil B Demillis screening his newest Sublime Frequencies contribution in NYC. Always a treat…

  3. Great post. I love when artists screw with currency to get their point across. What other tiny portraits do all of us carry around in our pockets all the time? You can’t miss with defacing currency, it’s so iconic and seems to go against all we work and stand for as Americans.
    A One Club gold winning ad campaign this year about the pathetic devaluation of the currency in Zimbabwe printed it’s posters and billboards directly on country’s actual bills- pointing out that printing on the currency is actually cheaper than printing on normal poster paper. Really impressive.

  4. Regina,
    I forgot to mention this other add which folded different bills to give them alternate meaning (much like the shirt at the top of this post. Abe Lincoln on the five dollar bill is wearing a turban and so on. Is this advertising imitating art, or is it art masquerading as advertising?

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