Modern Brick and Stone, Ann Norton and Harvey Fite

Harvey Fite, 1939-76

Two artists born two years apart in 1903 & 1905, aspired to the creation of a "place" through their art.   The next generation artists - Anselm Kiefer, Donald Judd - followed the same instinct, but unlike the next generation, Harvey Fite and Ann Norton labored in stone and brick almost alone for more than 30 years starting in middle age.  Both artists made a name for themselves through a … [Read more...]

Vancouver Biennale Open Air Installations

Hugo Franca, Vancouver,  Canada

Vancouver Canada continues to expanded the quality of both the temporary and permanent Open Air Museum.  Go the website to see all the works:  Vancouver makes a special effort to include artists from Canada, India and China.  The 2014 exhibition includes a focus on Brazil.   … [Read more...]

Weekly Public Art Posts on Facebook glenn.weiss.100

Kelsey Brookes, LaJolla 2014

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's quote on public art: “Public art installations allow Chicagoans to be active participants in arts and culture, and as part of the Chicago Cultural Plan, we’ve made progress on a number of fronts to bring the arts directly to Chicago neighborhoods,” said Mayor Emanuel. “From Sculpture on the Boulevards to art installations on the lake front to more than 1,000 events … [Read more...]

Cement Relief Murals: Nair, Mitchell, Nivola and Scuri

Costantino Nivola,  Olivetti Showroom, NYC 1950s

Over the last 70 years, a few artists have worked in concrete or cement for relief sculpture in public spaces.  The work includes pre-cast concrete panels hung on the building, form liners for poured in place concrete walls and hand carving of "green concrete" spread over a wall.  Four artists completed a significant amount of work: Costantino Nivola, Italy/USA, 1911-1988 Primarily: green … [Read more...]

Street Artists make Place Identity

Pigment Workroom, Bari, Italy, 2014

Street artists like Haas and Hahn or JR are volunteering with or without crowd-funding or being commissioned by NGOs to help make place.   Sometimes place making by paint occurs overtime such as the Wynwood Arts District murals in Miami or older historic murals in smaller towns across America in the 1980-90s such as Lake Placid, Florida.  But this visioning by a single artist or artist team seems … [Read more...]