Steel maze at Belgium coal mine by Gijs – Van Vaerenbergh


From DesignBoom, With a focus on the experience of space, gijs van vaerenbergh — a collaboration of belgian architects and artists pieterjan gijs and arnout van vaerenbergh — have realized an immersive labyrinth at the central square of C-mine Art Centre in Genk, Belgium. a one kilometer maze of steel corridors, with walls that tower 5 meters above the earth, surrounds installation visitors, … [Read more...]

Great Idea: Powerwash the Dirt to Make a Mural


The electricity producing company, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna appealed to the Scholz & Friends agency and the artist Przemysław Trust Truściński  Located in the Bieszczady region of Poland, this "painting" wall 91 meters wide and 54 meters high was made from ultra-strong jets of water, removing the layer of sediment accumulated over the years on dam wall. Other work by Przemysław … [Read more...]

Best Public Art Project of the Summer: Anna Schuleit Haber and Fitchburg, Massachusetts Newspaper

A by Felix Salut.  The Alphabet project by artist Anna Schuleit Haber, Sentinel & Enterprise, Fitchburg, MA 2015

I love excellent type design.  Anna Schuleit Haber convinced the local paper to use the front page for 26 days to display a new letter each day by an invited artist. It is the best in public art as it 1,) interjects itself in a valued public place (front page and newsstands), 2.) establishes repetition as the method to the spark thinking through comparison and memory, 3.) utilizes a commonly … [Read more...]

Marco Evaristti Colors Geyser Pink

Marco Evaristti, Iceland, 2015

Marco Evaristti, the South American artist who is based in Copenhagen, poured red fruit dye into the Strokkur Geysir, found around 70 miles to the north east of Reykjavik, at dawn in Spring 2015.  When they boiled, vibrant pink steam blew up from the ground as a result. Professing that 'nature belongs to no one', he did not seek permission from local authorities before the stunt.   He was jailed … [Read more...]

Flickr Copyright Free Images from Books

Albert Bartholome, Paris 
Appreciation of Sculpture:  A Handbook by Russell Sturgis, 1904

Flickr has posted 2.6 million copyright free images from books.  The searches result in a strange sets - not perfect.  You need to go to the book page link to find the title to image.  Link Here Value:   1. Find great etchings of destroyed art and architecture, 2. sculptures valued in the 19th century and early 20th century and 3. … [Read more...]

Other Popular Public Art Posts on Facebook


Over the last six months, another set of images were popular on my facebook page  (glenn.weiss.100).  The question is why?  What separates these projects from many, many others.  I tried to give one answer to each set.  (Click here for the most liked facebook public art) Lovely use of bright colors. Lifts the spirit. Amazing dedication of unique cultures to add the aesthetic to … [Read more...]

Angola Prison Watchtower and Segregated Rail Car at Smithsonian


“While still under construction, in 2013 crews installed two large pieces at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Weighing 80 tons, a segregated railway train care made by the Pullman Company in 1922 was delivered to DC in November 2013 as well as a prison guard tower from Angola, the Louisiana State Penitentiary. It’s an item illustrating the incarceration of black … [Read more...]