Public Art Highlight from the Last Week of August

Mike Ross' Big Rig Jig at Dismaland in UK

Walls of crates, Fabric moths flying in light bulbs, Mexican migrant return to family by projector, Twisting big rig truck, Poured paint colors abandoned ship, Graphite over entire house, Pink plastic "Broken Obelisk", Plastic buckets rise from shipping containing, Otterness play equipment in Qatar, Chinese warplane rainbow, Split dome in river  Friend me at … [Read more...]

Summer of Balls in Public Art

Artist Kurt Perschke's "RedBall Project" got loose in Toledo, Ohio

Balls seems to be a theme for the summer of 2015.  9 million balls were dumped into the California water reservoirs to reduce evaporation while thousands of people "swam" in Snarkitecture's BEACH with 1 million balls at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.  In the UK, Charles Petillon made a white cloud with 100,000 sphere balloons and Steve Messam held red balloons at 5 feet for … [Read more...]

Sign the LETTER TO Mayor Bill de Blasio – Don’t Rip Up the Times Square Plazas!

Faile in Times Square, Aug 2015

EVERYONE in PUBLIC ART and PUBLIC SPACE UNIVERSE........ Over the last couple of weeks the Mayor and Police Commissioner of NYC have proposed to return the new Times Square pedestrian space to the cars.  REASON:  Topless women with painted breasts and few aggressive cartoon characters.  Yes these "street entertainers" working for tips can be annoying for a second,  but it is Times Square !! … [Read more...]

Other Funhouses – Mirror Rooms by Samaras, Kusama and Frank

Thilo Frank slide-stf-phoenix-is-closer-004

As Bansky's Dismaland un-amusement park opened in the UK this week, I am looking at the mirror funhouses.   As a boy in the USA, part of every boy's life was visiting the mirrored funhouses at the traveling county fair or beachside amusement park.  Best with my brothers as you laugh in the curved mirrors or try to find each other in mirror maze.  Sometime before age 12, everyone figures out that … [Read more...]

Tim Ethcells “Utopia” ….. not for us what is promised


Utopia Monday, 30 November 2009 by Tim Ethcells I’d like to ask first of all please let it not be that Utopia with doves and waterfalls and soft white clothes and doors that open as soon as they are approached and please let it not be that utopia with all in harmony and accord and please not that utopia of agrarian fantasy, with all of us in touch with or at peace with … [Read more...]

Making Money in Public Art: Ottmar Hörl, Friends with You, Hofman, Lewin, CrackingArt

Ottmar Horl, Karl Marx 2013, $500 per sculpture

Recently, I stumble upon the work of German artist, Ottmar Hörl , as an example of an alternative method to support and produce public art.  Rather than seek the approval and funding on the local art's establishment, the artist seeks agencies more engaged in civic celebrations or tourism.  Less artist evaluation and more excellent public relations and photographs.  Fun and colorful are important … [Read more...]

Bringing the Amusement Park to the City. Ferris Wheels, Rollercoasters and Giant Slides

Carsten Höller

With the re-conceptualization of older downtown as "fun zones",  the amusement park is now being commissioned as permanent and temporary public art.  What does it mean?  Are visual arts the new circus parade and acts?  Are we street vendors of murals and inflatables.   Are the visual artists inventing the new global, country, city and community events will be as romantic as Woodstock in 30 years? … [Read more...]

Weiss Facebook Posts from July 24-31, 2015

Mexican houses by German Crew, 2015

The following are sample facebook posts at the end of July, 2015 on  Please friend or follow me. Los Carpinteros, German Crew, gijs-van-vaerenbergh, yusuke-seki, King Narai of Ayutthaya, Edoardo Tresoldi , Gonzalo Borondo   … [Read more...]

“Urban Campsite Amsterdam” leases sculptures for overnight stay at 85 Euros

‘val ross’ by MUD projects

during summer 2015, the centrumeiland of ijburg in amsterdam hosts ‘urban campsite‘, a public exhibition and art-sleep experience made up out of fourteen innovative and creative habitats. a diverse group of designers, architects and artists have been invited to build mobile objects that function as bedrooms, ready for guest stay by local residents and tourists alike. bookable on airbnb,  85 Euros … [Read more...]