SEX – Vagina and Anus


After the "private" showing of Kara Walker's "Sugar Baby" and its giant vulva, the public art doldrums has been disturbed by the mention of "vagina" and "butt".  A couple weeks ago, Anish Kapoor was letting his mind wander and described his work to a French reporter - “the vagina of the queen coming into power.”  Through the use of the word "vagina", Kapoor transformed his dull work of rusting … [Read more...]

2 Girls Building


Within melbourne’s urban center, the ‘2 girls building’ by australian photographer samantha everton in collaboration with local practice KUD architects … [Read more...]

Close up on Public Artists at Art Basel Miami

Dan Graham

Almost nothing that captures the public imagination was displayed at Art Basel Miami.  Looking and looking and finding very little that I could present to community with a positive spin.  The work was empty without messages and the formal, color works can be found by other artists in the local art scene for much less money. Art Basel did provide me the opportunity to see the tactile, real … [Read more...]

Hank Willis Thomas at Art Basel Miami

Hank Willis Thomas

I walked the Miami Beach Convention Center for four hours.  Only one artist caught my attention more than once - Hank Willis Thomas.  And he is represented by the only gallery that interested me - Jack Shainman Gallery, NYC. Here a few other works displayed at Jack Shainman Gallery Booth   … [Read more...]

Blah and other Words at Art Basel Miami

Doug Aitken

Giant words appeared at Art Basel including "EXIT", "PEOPLE", "TRUTH", "BLAH", "ARTFORHUM", "NAKED PICTURES" and few phrase like "CULTURE = CAPITAL"  Are we really this empty of ideas and thoughts?  Among other things, thinking and emotion were not present at Art Basel Miami.  It was a craft show, not fine art as I was trained. … [Read more...]

Sculpture at Art Basel Miami

ArtBasel14 Yinka Shonibare (146)

  Outside at the Bass Art Museum.  Curated by Nicholas Baume of the Public Art Fund   Lynda Benglis Yinka Shonibare Sam Moyer Olaf Metzel   Nuria Fuster and Afredo Jaar Matthias Bitzer Goerg Baselitz Batehelemy Touguo Justin Matherly Nancy Rubin Nathalie Djurberg Ernesto Neto Jaume … [Read more...] – Freedom to Repeat


According to founders Alison Feldish and Derek Frec, the website ..... "Who Wore It Better is an ongoing visual research project presenting associations and  common practices in contemporary art.  This platform was created to promote formal and conceptual dialogue over originality."  Everyone should drop by the every month or so. I am guilty of noting artists that should have known about … [Read more...]

Mass Extinction, David Adjaye, FL Wright, Brodsky & Utkin


During November 2014, A ground-breaking ceremony took place for the Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory (MEMO), a 30-metre-high stone spiral that will house an information and exhibition centre for the 860 species identified as extinct since the demise of the dodo in the 17th century.  The memorial to extinct species of the present and future is designed by David Adjaye for the Isle of Portland, … [Read more...]

New and Old Glass Ceilings

Spencer Finch in Seattle

With Spencer Finch's new ceiling in Seattle, I was reminded of some others by Carl Cheng and Seyed Alavi.  Unfortunately, none of them compare well the late 19th century and early 20th.   At least the architects at the new office building created a space for the work with the illusion of extra height. The Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Colma, between San Francisco and … [Read more...]