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According to founders Alison Feldish and Derek Frec, the website ..... "Who Wore It Better is an ongoing visual research project presenting associations and  common practices in contemporary art.  This platform was created to promote formal and conceptual dialogue over originality."  Everyone should drop by the every month or so. I am guilty of noting artists that should have known about … [Read more...]

Mass Extinction, David Adjaye, FL Wright, Brodsky & Utkin


During November 2014, A ground-breaking ceremony took place for the Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory (MEMO), a 30-metre-high stone spiral that will house an information and exhibition centre for the 860 species identified as extinct since the demise of the dodo in the 17th century.  The memorial to extinct species of the present and future is designed by David Adjaye for the Isle of Portland, … [Read more...]

New and Old Glass Ceilings

Spencer Finch in Seattle

With Spencer Finch's new ceiling in Seattle, I was reminded of some others by Carl Cheng and Seyed Alavi.  Unfortunately, none of them compare well the late 19th century and early 20th.   At least the architects at the new Amazon.com office building created a space for the work with the illusion of extra height. The Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Colma, between San Francisco and … [Read more...]

Modern Brick and Stone, Ann Norton and Harvey Fite

Harvey Fite, 1939-76

Two artists born two years apart in 1903 & 1905, aspired to the creation of a "place" through their art.   The next generation artists - Anselm Kiefer, Donald Judd - followed the same instinct, but unlike the next generation, Harvey Fite and Ann Norton labored in stone and brick almost alone for more than 30 years starting in middle age.  Both artists made a name for themselves through a … [Read more...]

Public Art Postings on Facebook

Swing Time, Boston, 2014

Artists -- Joana Vasconcelos, Harvey Fite, Dennis McNett, Éder Oliveira, Panya Clark Espinal, Höweler + Yoon, Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, Mark Reigelman, Tadashi Kawamata.  Follow at glenn.weiss.100 on facebook.   … [Read more...]

Weekly Public Art Facebook Posts

yasuhiko hayashi and yûsuke nakano, University of Michigan

Artists:  Carin Mincemoyer, Florentijn Hofman, Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yûsuke Nakano, Nick Cave, Xiang Jing, Archstoyanie, Franck Scurti, Anish Kapoor.  Friend me at facebook.com/glenn.weiss.100 Other NYC Department of Transportation Projects … [Read more...]

Vancouver Biennale Open Air Installations

Hugo Franca, Vancouver,  Canada

Vancouver Canada continues to expanded the quality of both the temporary and permanent Open Air Museum.  Go the website to see all the works:  http://www.vancouverbiennale.com/explore-art/artworks/.  Vancouver makes a special effort to include artists from Canada, India and China.  The 2014 exhibition includes a focus on Brazil.   … [Read more...]