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Culture Crimes: The world stood aghast this week as Afghanistan's rulers willfully destroyed important pieces of our cultural history. 03/04/01 More

Reality Check: Last week the music recording industry reported cd sales were down last year, attributing the decline to digital music downloading. But is it true? 03/01/01 More

Boston Ballet & the Sorry State of Dance: Boston Ballet looks ready to implode after mass firings and the sudden departure of the company's recently-hired artistic director (even before she officially began the job). But problems have plagued the company for some time. And dance companies worldwide seem to be having problems. A roundup. 02/28/01 More

Napster Kayoed? The US Appeals Court ruling Feb. 12 against Napster turned out to be as ambiguous as the dispute itself has become. More

Giuliani vs Brooklyn, Part II: The Brooklyn Museum couldn't buy publicity like this. New York mayor Rudy Giuliani knows...More

Art of Destruction: After you've done Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, how do you shock critics to action? How about the politics of destruction? Moree

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