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The Art of Destruction

After you've done Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, how do you shock critics to action? How about the politics of destruction?

British critics are abuzz about Michael Landy's project to destroy everything he owns [The Guardian]. It's called "Break Down" and Landy is systematically feeding everything he owns into a crusher at the end of a long conveyor belt set up in an old department store. Some find it reminiscent of the "piles of spectacles and shoes in Nazi death camps, of Holocaust victims, stripped of their belongings and their humanity." [The Guardian]

Or is it "the death of British art"? [The Guardian] Still others see it [The Telegraph] as "quintessentially modern because it is so ruthlessly efficient, so mechanised."

It seems to be one of those artist acts that grabs the imagination because a viewer can put their own personal spin [Sunday Times] on what it means and apply it to their own experiences.





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