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  • TOP NY PHILHARMONIC EXEC goes to LA. Deborah Borda surprises orchestra world by leaving NY orchestra to manage the LA Philharmonic.
     New York Times 9/30/99

  • GENDER BENDER: co-director of Stuttgart Opera named to head San Francisco Opera. Pamela Rosenberg becomes first woman to run a major American opera house. 
    San Francisco Chronicle 9/29/99

  • WHO NEEDS A TEACHER?  a new Texas company is selling what it calls "interactive sheet music" that helps a student understand music the way a composer intended. 
    The Oregonian 9/29/99

  • MINNESOTA ORCHESTRA gets go-ahead to build new 19,000-seat amphitheater - set to open on 2001. Minneapolis Star-Tribune 9/29/99

  • CLASSIC INACTION: Why is it that Detroit can't rate a  classical music radio station? Detroit Free Press 9/29/99 

  • LOOK AT ANY MODERN CONCERT PROGRAM and you'd conclude that Russian music didn't exist before the 19th Century and Glinka. Not so.
    Financial Times 9/29/99

  • TORONTO SYMPHONY STRIKE update. Toronto Globe and Mail 9/28/99

  • London does country: The international appeal of American country music has never been greater, writes the London Times. Once regarded as "a minority sport for sad urban cowboys from Romford, who got their kicks dressing up at weekends like extras from a John Wayne movie," country music has hit the top of the British pop charts. But in Nashville there is a fight for the soul of the music. London Times 9/28/99

  • THE THIRD TENOR: Placido Domingo will help reopen Covent Garden in December. The Sunday Times catches him in gusts of flattery for his "favorite" opera house. This and all things maestro.
    The Sunday Times (London) 9/26/99
    ALSO: Domingo will break Caruso's record of singing most opening nights at the Met. New York Times 9/27/99

  • TORONTO SYMPHONY MUSICIANS WENT OUT ON STRIKE over the weekend - concert cancellations are mounting up as the two side have stopped talking. Toronto Globe and Mail 9/27/99.

    Audience-friendly: It's expensive, it has its own rules, it's intimidating - Beverly Sills talks about making opera more accessible. Arizona Republic 9/23/99

    Country Music Awards Lowdown: slicker and more stylized than a page out of Architectural Digest, polished, polite and very, very mainstream. Atlanta Journal-Constitution 9/23/99

    ROCK MY WORLD: Music doesn't kill people, people kill people. Seattle Weekly turns its writers loose on a series of exploring links between music and violence.
    Seattle Weekly 9/22/99  

    NY CITY OPERA USES CONTROVERSIAL "SOUND ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM," world fails to end. But what about tradition?
    Cleveland Plain Dealer 9/21/99
    ALSO: Orchestras have gotten too bloody loud. National Post (Canada) 9/21/99

    In all directions: Record sales are up but the industry is down - just what is rock music anymore? The question dogs the annual CMJ conference of some 9000 music industry folk. 
    Chicago Tribune 9/21/99

    ELLIOTT CARTER WAITED 90 YEARS to write his first opera. Despite last week's standing ovation at the Berlin premiere, one critic wonders why he bothered at all.
    Financial Times, 9/20/99

    Once around the block: Lots of new music, lots of performances, but what happens after the opera or symphony premiere? The second-performance problem. New York Times, 9/20/99

    The Glenn Gould Cult: Canadians have made a fetish out of the late great pianist. This week a five-day international Gould conference of Trekkie proportions will open in Toronto.
    Toronto Globe and Mail 9/18/99

    The art of producing: Everyone remembers the Beatles. Anyone remember their producer? Producers are blamed when they flop, forgotten when they score. A new Encyclopedia of Record Producers reveals the producer's life.
    Cleveland Plain Dealer 9/17/99

    Elliott Carter's first opera: (about an auto wreck) premiered in Berlin this week and the audience went wild. Unfortunately, that would not be the reaction back home, says the Washington Post critic.
    Washington Post 9/17/99 

    Apres le "High C": La Scala's older singers don't go off into the sunset, they come to Casa Verdi, the rest home for those who can no longer hit the high notes.
    Los Angeles Times 9/15/99

    JANOS STARKER IS 75 Tonight many of the best cellists in the world will converge on Indiana to celebrate the birthday of probably the most prominent cello teacher alive. There will be 100 cellists performing onstage. There's a live internet broadcast of the concert.
    NPR Morning Edition 9/14/99[need Real Player for this link]  

    DANCE MUSIC IS THE JAZZ OF THE 90s says this critic for the Irish Times. Unfortunately, the Irish and British governments are no fans. In 1994 they passed the Criminal Justice Act and Public Order Act, effectively outlawing many aspects of club culture. How similar to the social marginalization of the pre-second World War jazz scene. 
    Irish Times 9/13/99


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