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July 3, 2005

Last Entry

Dear Doug,

I have enjoyed keeping this blog over the last two weeks. In addition to my concerts and other activities here in Asia, the blog gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about these experiences with you and our readers. As is often the case, the impact of these experiences is likely to manifest itself in my future endeavors.

I particularly enjoyed thinking about different ways to form strong partnerships among the relevant parties in concert presentation -- the audience, presenters, and performers. Whether in the East or in the West, I continue to explore ways of keeping music alive and vivid through different presentation methods.

The young violinists in Singapore, the arts management students in Japan, and all the other young people I have encountered in the last two weeks will keep energizing and motivating my future activities.

I look forward to continuing our dialogue informally and to hearing from our readers how they think we can better achieve a more active and involved audience/presenter/artist axis.

With best wishes,


Posted by at July 3, 2005 1:01 PM