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December 31, 2003

Best Of 2003

Boston Globe


Chicago Sun-Times

In the world of reality TV, the worst was best

The pendulum swings left
An artful novel that just happens to be about crime
From the Bounty to murder: Kisor's Top 10 of 2003

Galleries and Museums
Despite closings, no shortage of good shows

A period of transition for classical groups
Political agendas and tearful goodbyes
Notes from the underground, or the story of year's best hip-hop

Chicago Tribune

The big stink: The 7th annual Alewife Awards
Celebrating the worst in arts and entertainment from 2003

The Globe & Mail (Canada)

Hartford Courant

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

The New York Times


Pop Music

Classical Music



Visual Arts




The Observer (UK)

  • Did you see...?
    What were the triumphs and turkeys of the arts world this year? Those on the scene pick their favourites and reveal their hates.
  • A bloody marvel
    Art of the year: This was the year of Titian's gory, erotic genius but Damien Hirst couldn't help repeating himself.
  • In the shadow of New York's 'wailing wall'
    Architecture of the year:
    The Ground Zero competition put the spotlight on Libeskind, but the designers of Beijing's Olympic Stadium were the real stars.
  • Ring in the new
    Films of the year: Bright young filmmakers save the day as veteran directors turn stale.
  • Forget Ant and Dec
    Comedy of the year: Away from the mainstream, and on the live circuit, original and inventive humour is flourishing.
  • All together now...
    Jazz of the year: It seems everybody wants to be a jazz singer nowadays.
  • Into the darkness
    Pop of the year: The lightweight pap was left behind as pop fans learnt once again to love fresh, vital music.
  • On song - but only just
    Classical of the year: Mainstream opera in the big houses is facing stiff competition.
  • All the world was a stage
    Theatre of the year: Jerry at the National, Blaine in his box, flash mobs bearing brollies and bananas... drama was everywhere.
  • Nation shall dance unto nation
    Dance of the year: We enjoyed Danish duets, Chinese lanterns and a tasty rum punch from Cuba.
  • America the bountiful
    Television of the year: State of Play was fabulous and Prime Suspect a winner, but the US gave us laughter, tears, sex, war - and Saddam.
  • Just don't mention digital
    Radio of the year: From migrating swans to Mexico, taking in Kathleen Ferrier on the way, it's been a good year.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

San Antonio Express-News

San Francisco Chronicle

Seattle Times

The Telegraph (UK)

Toronto Star

Washington Post

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