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What You Get is What You See

I've watched Beyonce's performance at the Billboard Music Awards a few times today. Online chatter is generally gushy about the video effects and the dancing, but the song itself gets the least love among the many moving parts. "What a shame that such a performance was wasted on such a weak song. You’ll never hear that song 10 yrs from now," one commenter noted. You won't get any push back on that appraisal from me. Still, my mind wandered to what other music might make use of such a … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Political, Artistically

When the racist, ill-informed shouting gets a bit loud on the internet, I tend to run away. But for those who are more creative and less confrontation-averse than I, there's another option: pick up a guitar and try to change the world by laying down some slightly biting, sarcastic lyrical content. Alexandra Wallace has reportedly since left UCLA. Meanwhile, Jimmy is riding this wave to Internet celebrity. This is art designed for social networking: talent and idea and (often) news peg … [Read more...]

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