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Video Vacation

At first I though it would be a bit much for me to feature yet another new Kutiman video here on MTG, but it’s so lovely and I don’t want anyone to miss it, so here it is. This time, rather than mine the messy treasure trove that we call YouTube, he uses clips of musicians he filmed himself while wandering through the streets of Jerusalem. Beautiful stuff.


And if you, like me, once had a serious case of Michael Jackson fandom, then perhaps you, like me, could really use the musical amusement provided by this video. I tip my hat to Chris Foley yet again for another great find: Smooth Criminal for cello duet.

Now, if you’re not that familiar with the sounds of the original track, it might not be as awesome. But I am, and I think it is.


  1. Pop seemed to reach a height with Michael Jackson in the late 80s and early 90s that has yet to be matched. There is not even a promise on the horizon.

    The cello duo is excellent and can be appreciated without knowing the Jackson. Perhaps that tells us something about the gap: ultimately, it’s not allusion, but the quality of composition that counts.

    I enjoyed the duo more by not looking at the video. Yes, young folks can pout and drink wine, but didn’t we know that already. I mention this because if nothing else art should be truthful, not phony and postured.

  2. Oh my dear, dear Molly Lama- No such thing as too much Kutiman. When 1′ : 52″ rolled around, my week was made. Merci.

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