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WATCH LIVE TONIGHT: New Music Town Meeting

UPDATE: The archived footage of the presentation has now been posted here if you missed Friday night’s live stream.


You might have heard this bit of new music news already, but the American Music Center (the kindly people who employ me) and Meet The Composer have announced their intention to merge into a new advocacy and service organization, New Music USA, which will focus on grantmaking and media. The American Composers Forum will take over the membership and professional development services the American Music Center previously dispensed.

The leaders of all three organizations—Joanne Hubbard Cossa, president and CEO of the American Music Center, Ed Harsh, president of Meet The Composer, and John Nuechterlein, president of the American Composers Forum—are hosting a three-city series of town meetings to discuss plans and take questions. The first event will be held tonight in New York City, and it will also be streamed live. You can watch right from this post in the window below.

Formal remarks are set to begin at 5:45 p.m. EDT, so get your questions ready. You can use the chat window or Twitter (hashtag #newmusicUSA) to submit them to the panel. If you have any issues on this page, you can also access the presentation directly via Ustream.


  1. I missed the broadcast. Will a recording be available on the web?

  2. Molly, I hope you and/or your colleagues will provide some analysis on the transition and how it might affect the industry. Will you link to any coverage of the merger?

  3. Perhaps the question would be how the merger might help us circumvent “the industry” which all too often hinders artistic integrity and creativity. In any case, the vast majority of the composers involved with the AMC, MTC, and the ACF have almost nothing to do with the industry.

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