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Dalouge Smith

is President & CEO of San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory (SDYS) where he has overseen development of its vision to “make music education accessible and affordable for all students.” In pursuit of this vision, Dalouge has transformed SDYS from being solely a program provider into a change agent for restoring and strengthening music education in schools. SDYS has expanded its work to include measurement, partnerships, community awareness, and community action. In September 2012, SDYS received the national Grand Prize Prudential Leadership Award for Exceptional Nonprofit Boards from Board Source for its organizational transformation and impact on the community.

With over 600 students enrolled in its Balboa Park programs, SDYS is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive youth symphonies. As the City of San Diego’s resident youth symphony, SDYS serves students from throughout Southern California, including San Diego, Imperial and Riverside Counties.

In 2010, SDYS launched its Community Opus Project inspired by Venezuela’s El Sistema youth orchestra movement. Through the Community Opus Project, SDYS has successfully rebuild community support for school music. In February 2013, SDYS’ school district partner announced its intention of returning music education to all 45 of its elementary school campuses and all 28,000 of its students. SDYS is now guiding and advising school leaders on the restoration of school-day music as full-time music teachers return to campuses for the first time in fifteen years.

Dalouge was Chair of the San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition’s collaborative advocacy efforts for over 100 arts and culture organizations for eight years until the end of 2011.  He co-published the San Diego Arts and Culture Economic Impact Report starting in 2004 and speaks frequently to community groups and the news media on the public value of the arts.

Dalouge also serves as Vice President of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership and on the Board of Californians for the Arts where he was the founding President. He represents San Diego’s arts and culture community in Sacramento and meets regularly with elected officials to provide the latest information on the arts and creative economy sector. He has provided arts advocacy training at state and national conferences.

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