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Must Watch Video: Diane Ravitch on Daily Show

Okay, I know, you have to wade through a commercial or two, and Diane doesn't come on for a good ten minutes. But get this, as usual Jon Stewart is right on the button, with his usual comic flair. And that button, right from the very beginning of the show, is about cuts to education and the attacks on teachers. So. take the time, you won't be sorry.And, for more background on Diane, and the myths out there about her, click on through to The Answer Sheet, by Valerie Strauss: The Diane Ravitch Myth.This all underscores the sad level of debate on … [Read more...]

How Would You Spend $100 Million on Education?

In the January edition of Fast Company, they ask a group of 10 plus "edu-experts" to offer their proposals for how to spend $100 million to "really save education."Radical Idea Number Three: "I'd focus on the arts -- music and visual arts and dance, all the things that make kids joyful. Kids need a reason to come to school, and testing is not a good reason."-- Diane Ravitch, NYU education historian and author of The Death and Life of the Great American School SystemClick here to read How to Spend $100 million to Really Save Education. … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger, Jane Remer: The New Messiah: Are the Arts Waiting for Godot…er, Superman or Woman?

Let's welcome back Jane Remer to Dewey21C. It's been a bit of time since her last guest entry. I know I missed her. How about you? --RK************************************************************************************************************Jane Remer's CliffNotesThe New Messiah: Are the Arts Waiting for, Superman or woman? October 4, 2010 The latest flurry that has caught the interest of some, but by no means all, Americans (after all, we have the play-offs, football, latest sex scandal, questionable police shooting, the economy, … [Read more...]

Diane Ravitch on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show

Okay, I admit it, I may just have blogged more about Diane Ravitch than any other single person since I started Dewey21C almost two years ago. And that is as it should be!It never ceases to amaze me how bizarre the world of K-12 education has become. Diane provides some sanity from the never ending madness of K-12 education policy debates. And if you're wondering how we got here, Diane provides the answer to that too.Click here to give a listen to Diane on WNYC's Leonard Lopate show. … [Read more...]

The Federal Govermment Should Mandate that Every Child Should Study A Musical Instrument

That quote comes from Diane Ravitch, who was presented at an American Enterprise Institute forum last Wednesday night in DC. In addition, the program featured AEI's Rick Hess as moderator, and AEI's Mark Schneider,  NEA President Dennis van Roekel, and the Boorkings Institution's William A. Galston, as panelists.This was part of Diane's book tour, and of course, to have Diane present her ideas on school reform today, highly critical of the things that AEI has been supportive of, made for a great presentation, not to mention theater.I was … [Read more...]

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