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Must Watch Video: Diane Ravitch on Daily Show

Okay, I know, you have to wade through a commercial or two, and Diane doesn’t come on for a good ten minutes. But get this, as usual Jon Stewart is right on the button, with his usual comic flair. And that button, right from the very beginning of the show, is about cuts to education and the attacks on teachers.

So. take the time, you won’t be sorry.

And, for more background on Diane, and the myths out there about her, click on through to The Answer Sheet, by Valerie Strauss: The Diane Ravitch Myth.

This all underscores the sad level of debate on education policy in this
question. We can’t even agree on the questions, much less the answers.
And those that dare deviate from the official line find themselves open
to attack, much of it not fair. At least if you are Diane Ravitch.

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