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The USDOE Consults with the Arts Education Field on NCLB

Okay, we're not using the name NCLB anymore, and you might think this is a bait and switch, but if I used its formal name, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), you might not know what this blog is all about. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about an invitation that was extended to arts education leaders across the nation to meet with the USDOE about ways in which arts education could be supported in the reauthorization of what was formerly know as NCLB.If you want to know more about the history of ESEA, click here.Essentially, ESEA … [Read more...]

The Counter-Intuition of Advocacy

Consider these three points: 1. The school district leader says that the overall school budget is increasing each year, and not to worry. And yes, it's true: more money was allocated to education in the city budget.2. The existence of generally supportive school district officials and government leads to increased arts budgets and administrative capacity within the district arts office. 3. Overall, things seem to be improving. Looking at these three real occurrences, it's easy to see how building work in arts education advocacy would become a … [Read more...]

US Secretary of Education Is Convinced that Arts Education Raises HS Graduation Rates

''I'm convinced when students are engaged in the arts, graduation rates go up, dropout rates go down,'' Duncan said.One thing we do know about graduation rates and arts education in New York City public schools, is that the schools that offer more arts have higher rates of graduation. It's in this report.And, according to The New York Times, Duncan indicated that the re-authorization of NCLB would recognize what parents, teachers and students have all noticed: "a narrowing of the curriculum."It's all here in CAPITAL CULTURE: Obama Drops … [Read more...]

Final USDOE Race to the Top Guidelines Released: Arts Education an Outlier

I will try hard to be positive and productive with this blog. I promise.Okay, the long awaited Race to the Top final guidelines have been released. At the bottom of this entry I will provide a set of the links to the Executive Summary, full guidelines, press release, etc.First, let's address the question: what about arts education? The short answer is that the news is not good.  Arts education is an outlier in RttT. It is possible to fit it in between the lines here and there, but an opening for something larger is pretty hard to discern … [Read more...]

Looking For a Few Good Panelists…

Peer reviewers to be exact. And, hey, it's not me that's looking, but it's the USDOE.That's right the USDOE is looking for peer reviewers for it's Race to the Top Fund.So, if you have "experience providing thoughtful, objective, constructive, and timely oral and written feedback to applicants and/or organizations on successes and opportunities for improvement," or a "deep understanding of teaching and learning, specifically K-12; or an "understanding of and experience with implementing student-achievement-focused reform plans at scale in order … [Read more...]

Reflections on Arts Education and the USDOE

It's interesting to see the fairly predictable responses to Arne Duncan's letter and web conference, where he articulated support for arts education on behalf of the USDOE and the White House. There is and should be a fair amount of gratitude across the field when a US Secretary of Education affirms the importance of the arts, even if the affirmation may at first blush appear to be more talk than walk. And in light of his comments about the central importance of parents to ensuring arts education, well, it was indeed newsworthy.I think the … [Read more...]

Arne Duncan and his Audience with Arts Education

If you haven't heard by now, Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education is having a conference call with just about everyone in the United States interested in arts education. Of course you have to register.It's like a giant arts ed party line. For those old enough to know what a party line was...If I were asking a question in the conference call, my question would be:Mr. Secretary, thank you so much for creating this historic conference call, for recognizing the importance of arts education as a core subject, and for the extraordinary articulation … [Read more...]

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