The American Teacher Magazine Cover Story on Arts Education

The American Teacher is the bi-monthly magazine published by the American Federation of Teachers.

The February edition has a cover story on arts education in the United States. And it’s quite a swell cover!

Click here to read it. at_feb10.jpg

For some reason, there is this underlying element in the arts that makes you feel you have to justify what you’re doing, says Karla Back, who teaches choral music and music history at St. James High School in St. James, Minn.

It’s high time that arts classes are considered to be core subjects. No more designation as “frills!” Corinne McVee, Anchorage (Alaska) Council of Education

One response to “The American Teacher Magazine Cover Story on Arts Education”

  1. I like the cover of the magazine , it is very original. Art is the stored honey of the human soul and form part of our everyday life and artist always see things differently.