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Federal USDOE Arts Education Funding Cut, but Not Eliminated

There are many people across the country who have been waiting on tenterhooks to find out whether or not arts education funding at the United States Department of Education would be zeroed out. It includes funding for the Kennedy Center, VSA Arts, and the competitive grant programs: Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination and Professional Development for Arts Education.I am very happy to report that the $25 million that the Senate had proposed, which is a cut from $40 million, is in the budget agreement. A lot of people dug in to … [Read more...]

Worth The Time: A 1999 Conversation with Maxine Greene

From the December edition of, comes "An Arts Education Symposium," with the great Maxine Greene, Hollis Headrick, Polly Kahn, Frank Oteri, and me.For those who don't know Polly, she's the former education director at The New York Philharmonic, the 92nd Street Y, and other organizations. Today, she is the vice president for learning and leadership development, at the League of American Orchestras. Oteri, a well known figure in the new music world, was once a teacher at one of the toughest high schools in New York: Thomas … [Read more...]

A Interesting Conference Session on Arts Education and Equity

For anyone attending WNET's The Celebration of Teaching and Learning, tomorrow through Saturday, at The New York Hilton, I hope you will consider stopping by.I mean, how often do you get a rising star principal, a teachers union leader, and a member of the governing board for state education policy in one room together talking about arts education? A WELL-ROUNDED EDUCATION IN THE AGE OF HIGH STAKES ACCOUNTABILITY - IS THERE REALLY TIME AND SPACE FOR THE ARTS? March 19th, 8:30-9:45 am, New York Hilton   School leaders face greater pressure … [Read more...]

Guest Blog, Jane Remer: If We’re Not At the Table, We’re On the Menu: Will the Arts Survive This Time as Education in Our Schools?

Jane Remer's Cliff Notes: March 10, 2011 If We're Not At the Table, We're On the Menu: Will the Arts Survive This Time as Education in Our Schools? At the Face to Face Conference at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens a few weeks ago, some of my colleagues and I engaged in a panel presentation and discussion with an attentive and thoughtful audience. We had several guiding questions that boiled down to what concrete actions we might take to secure a place for the arts in the general curriculum. I focus here on only one … [Read more...]

A Voice of Reason Around Federal Funding

There is a great deal of concern in the arts and education field, focusing for the moment  the devastating cuts to arts education programs at the United States Department of Education. In the recent continuing resolution, arts education programs, as well as a host of other eduction programs were zeroed out. There's still a chance however, as some of the funding could be restored as the next, longer term continuing resolution (from mid-March through the end of September) is being negotiated, with the Senate calling for restoration of some … [Read more...]

Education Secretary Duncan Urges School Leaders to Go Easy on Arts Ed Cuts

Last week Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sent a letter and three policy letters to the Governors:Key Policy Letters to The Governors, March 3, 2011What you will find most interesting comes from the document Smart Ideas to Increase Educational Productivity and Student Achievement: First, Do No HarmChanges or cuts to education budgets, especially during periods of fiscal austerity, carry risks of unintended consequences.  Governors, policymakers, and educators can:   ü  Avoid short-sighted cost-cutting.  Efforts … [Read more...]

Arts Teachers As Endangered Species

Okay, I know, this makes two posts in a row about cuts to arts education. It is, as the Mark Knopfler song goes: "It's what it is."In this case, it's an old and quite sore subject. And yes, it's a subject that makes me angry and eager for new city leadership. For all of those who tell me I should be more guarded, sorry.In what many still argue is the arts capital of the world, the public school system can't find a way to provide a minimum of one year of arts education for all middle school students.While real education leaders like Michael … [Read more...]

More Scorched Earth Education Policy: San Diego To Cut All Elementary Arts Teachers

It's pretty amazing, that a relatively strong district like San Diego Unified School District would make such plans:If trustees sign off on the budget proposal, it will mean the end of all elementary music education except for the program at Crown Pointe Junior Music Academy, which does not rely on visual and performing arts funding.Click here to read: School Music, Arts Programs on the Chopping Block, The San Diego Union-Tribune ( … [Read more...]

Death Panels for The Arts and Education?

Yesterday President Obama signed into law the stopgap spending bill that severely cut into education funding, including eliminating funding for the United States Department of Education's arts education programs.Here's a little list of some of the cuts:Tweet Arts in Education--$40 millionNational Writing Project--$25.6 millionTeach for America--$18 millionReading is Fundamental--$24.8 millionNational Board for Professional Teaching Standards--$10.7 millionNew Leaders for New Schools--$5 millionWe the People--$21.6 millionClose Up … [Read more...]

Tacking on to Undercofler and Taylor: What Do Graduates of Arts Colleges Need to Know and Be Able To Do?

I've been following the recent posts of Jim Undercofler and Andrew Taylor: Jim's post, Arts Entrepreneurship -- Lack of Imagination, Lack of Chutzpah? was followed up by Andrew's post, Is Arts Entrepreneurship Training  Really Just Career Prep?So, here's my tack-on, making for a trio on the subject.Today, much of the K-12 education debate is being framed by what a student needs to know and be able to do in college and career. What is more, increasingly, educators are looking at continuum of education that is P-16, rather than K-12, meaning … [Read more...]

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