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Guest Blog, Jane Remer: The Metropolitan Opera to the Arts Ed Rescue?????

Jane Remer’s Cliff Notes: Problem: The Arts Are Dwindling in Our Schools. Especially opera. Solution: The Metropolitan Opera to the Rescue???  “Here I go again I hear those trumpets blow again All aglow again Taking a chance on love” ---Ethel Waters singing in the great movie, Cabin in the Sky I am a passionate opera/music theater fan. I go to hear and see all varieties of the art form. I have worked with and for the New York City Opera, the Met Opera Guild for years, spent much of the 80’s at the National Endowment for the … [Read more...]

The Nation’s Report Card for Reading and Math: Will Dismal Results Bring More of the Same (higher stakes testing)?

As Igor Stravinsky once said, good composers borrow; great composers steal. So, instead of writing my own setting of the stage, let me steal from my fine colleague and friend at Common Core, Lynne Munson: I challenge anyone to think of a nation that works as hard as we do to find silver linings in its educational failures. On Tuesday morning NAEP reported that, in the course of two years, our nation’s 4th and 8th graders improved a single point (on a 500-point scale) in three of four reading and math assessments, and flatlined on the fourth.  … [Read more...]

Worth The Price of Admission: Today’s Google Home Page

Click on this, snap!: And then don't forget to strum the string, really!! … [Read more...]

NAEP Arts 2008, Part Two: What do the headlines say?

Just the fact that there are headlines, is of course, a good thing.It is interesting to see how this is being reported, particularly from the headline perspective. It's an amazing statement on how this is being reported, which in turn raises great questions as to whether these reporters understand the issues, do any analysis, or simply just print the press release. It's also interesting to note the lack of comments from authoritative figures. Most of the pieces carry a quote from NAEP officials, and yes, Arne Duncan issued a statement. There … [Read more...]

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