Steve Jobs, Rest in Peace

I am writing this entry on an absolutely beautiful month or so old Macbook Air. The first computer I ever used was a Mac. There were two: a Powerbook 145B and a Centris 610. I think it was System 6. When I finally went to work at a shop that used PCs, I was stunned at how bad they were. Today, on my desk at Mannes The New School for Music, is a Macbook Pro. My days of using PCs are over.

From making access to digital media and arts more widely available and easier to use than we could have ever imagined, to making machines that were both beautiful to look at and artful in a way that all the other pretenders, particularly Microsoft, could never quite replicate, to helping to make the world smaller in a good way, I am thankful for Steve Jobs and want to recognize the simple fact that he really did make this world of ours a better place.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.




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