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To Turn Her Middle School Around, A Principal Invests in the Arts

There’s probably not a ton of readers that read

Nevertheless, it is the go-to web site for news about New York City Public Schools, and its reach continues to grow nationwide.
And, I would say that, even if they hadn’t written such a terrific feature on how the arts can be part of improving a low performing school.
And, damn, I would have to say that for those who a part of the world of arts and education, this is a perfect piece for the holidays. All it’s missing is a nice little red bow.
I urge you click over to this feature today on To Turn Her Middle School Around, A Principal Invests in The Arts.
And not that I am advocating for cutting math, nevertheless, a school that bucks a national trend is worth taking note of:
Douglas noted that she has had to make a lot of tough decisions to maintain the program, including excessing a math teacher last year instead of an art teacher.


  1. Art and math are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are closely tied to together. Many artists studied and even pushed the boundaries of math, specifically geometry. That’s where perspective came from. Kudos to schools that save the arts!

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