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Dance Teacher Magazine Feature on Jody Arnhold

There are those among us, who somehow manage to do it all. I can never quite figure out how they manage it, but they do. Jody Arnhold is all that: master teacher, builder of organizations, board leader, patron, community leader, friend, advocate, and all around great lady.

Dance Teacher Magazine had a cover feature on Jody in its May edition. Click here to read:The Visionary.

“I think that every child deserves an arts education, and I’d like to
see that dance is first,” Arnhold says. “Imagine what the culture would
be if we raise generations of dance-literate children. We would
encourage young people’s artistry and also their creativity and
humanity. We would bring life and energy into their schools.”

May Cover2010.jpg


  1. Carol Fineberg says

    What a wonderful salute to an amazingly talented and smart colleague! Jody’s vision, talent and persistence have advanced dance education in many measurable ways (data driven people take note!) despite the constant journey up hills! Congratulations for featuring this indomitable woman in your blog and congratulations to Dance Magazine for same.

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