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A Good Read on Obama’s Education Agenda

It’s still very early, and our President has a thing or two to deal with. So, like many, I am still giving him the benefit of the doubt on education (as well as the banks), while liking some of what he’s doing in other areas.

I know at least one person who has the viewpoint that Obama has managed to do things in education that please both the traditional left and the traditional right. He’s given the left much greater dollars than ever before. He’s given the right support for charter schools, expanded testing, merit pay for teachers, and more.
Of course, in today’s education world, a big branch of the democratic party is essentially about long term right wing issues. It’s why I called them all Republicrats in a blog last summer. 
Many were inspired and surprised Obama’s wonderful arts education platform that appeared and was articulated with great passion during the primaries. During the general election, it wasn’t really to be found. In the education portion of the stimulus package, as well as in a recent education speech, well, it’s not really to be found either. It’s basically MIA.

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