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Arts Education: Too Much and Not Enough

One of the things I have been thinking quite a lot about lately, besides having no power at home for the third time since July (four straight days this time), currently resulting from Saturday's somewhat bizarre snow storm, is the quite odd dichotomy between my work in K-12 and my work today in higher education. In K-12 it was so often an issue of shoehorning arts education into the school day, extended or traditional. So much of the work evoked questions of how to get a seat at the table, strategies to incentivize the embrace of arts … [Read more...]

People You Should Know: Laurie Lock–Music and Arts Education Advocate

A tribute is in order, I strongly believe, because I know few people who have been such fierce, honest, and strategic advocates for music and arts education as is Laurie Lock. You see, Laurie, after 11 years of directing programs and policy at VH1 Save The Music Foundation, is stepping down to care for her daughter full-time. Of course, Laurie has had great colleagues at VH1 Save The Music who have partnered with her on all of her great work. But if you haven't had the chance to work with her directly, you will have missed the opportunity … [Read more...]

Looking For A Few Good Standards Authors: The New Arts Education National Standards

Help Wanted: Coalition Seeks Writers for New Arts Standards By Erik Robelen<> Ever looked at a set of standards and thought to yourself: Why on Earth did they include that? Or, I can't believe they left out XYZ! Well, enough of the Monday morning quarterbacking. A national coalition is looking for a few good men and women to help write a set of "next generation" standards for arts education. Actually, to be more precise, it's trying to recruit 40 content experts, 10 each in dance, music, … [Read more...]

Guest Blog, Bruce Taylor: What is the Future Role for Arts In Public Education?

What is the Future Role for the Arts In Public Education? by Bruce Taylor  The increasingly contentious debate about school reform juxtaposes two contrasting realities about the arts:  one, that their place in our schools has been steadily and seriously eroded; the other, that the skills inherent in artistic practice are rapidly becoming essential to a healthy 21st century economy/society. Most articles concerning this disconnect focus their analysis outside the field emphasizing the combination of challenges that have resulted in the … [Read more...]

Guest Blog, Nick Rabkin: The Three Horsemen of Arts Education

It makes me happy to welcome back my good pal Nick Rabkin to Dewey21c.  --RK The Three Horsemen of Arts Education by Nick Rabkin       I’ve done research on teaching artists for the last three years—from Boston to San Diego—at NORC at the University of Chicago.  (My report is available for download at NORC’s website.)  The creativity, commitment, and accomplishment of many, many TAs has impressed me, and I’ve been encouraged by growing efforts in many communities to develop arts education more … [Read more...]

A Shot To The Foot: How The Arts Ed Field Can Be Its Own Worst Enemy

I have been meaning to write about this these two horribly disappointing Opininator posts in The New York Times: Beyond Baby Mozart, Students Who Rock, by David Bornstein Rock is Not The Enemy, by David Bornstein For about as long as I have been in this field, which is longer than I would now like to admit, I have witnessed the unfortunate tendency for us to shoot ourselves in the foot. It could be the arguments of discipline-based versus integration, it could be residencies versus field trips, aesthetic versus creative, blah, blah, … [Read more...]

Guest Blog, Jane Remer: A Paradox, A Paradox, A Most Ingenious Paradox –The Common Core of State Standards and The Untamable Core of the American Class System

Jane Remer’s CliffNotes: September 29, 2011 “A Paradox, A Paradox, a Most Ingenious Paradox” (Pirates of Penzance/Gilbert and Sullivan), The Common Core of (Voluntary) State Standards and the Untamable Core of the American Class System. The 21st Century is young, but it’s clearly becoming a paradox. The now developing Common Core meticulously charts the paths and spirals (but not the contents) for English Language Arts and Math, K-12. Many states are engaged in developing assessments (process and implementation, not content) aligned to … [Read more...]

I Hate to Be Out of Step: Have the Dividing Lines Among Musical Genres Disappeared?

I have had many a conversation about how the dividing lines among musical genres (and other arts disciplines) were "breaking down or blurring." So, as I was watching this video about a really swell festival taking place next month, "Sonic: Sounds of a New Century" by The American Composers Orchestra, I was quite struck by John Schaefer talking about the group of young composers (and I would add performers) for whom the dividing lines have simply disappeared. Take a look at this terrific teaser video, and follow the link below it if you … [Read more...]

A Favorite Arts Ed Video: The Mural Project at JHS256

I have always been fond of project-based learning. And this mural project is one true exemplar. The opportunities for many to be engaged in a multi-year arts project, that combines youth development, art, music, history, social studies, literacy, and more. Not to mention, it's a stunning work. Click on over to this YouTube video, and pass the link along to your friends. A Mural of Mythic Proportions … [Read more...]

Register for Grantmakers in Arts Webinar on The Common Core Standards

Arts Education: Common Core What Are the Possibilities for the Arts? Tuesday, June 21, 2:00 EDT/ 11:00 PDT Julie Fry, Program Officer, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Richard Kessler, Executive Director, The Center for Arts Education More than two-thirds of the states have adopted the Common Core Standards in English language arts, and math, establishing clear guidelines for what students need to know and be able to do in order to graduate from high school prepared for college and/or a career. Now that leaders are beginning to ask for … [Read more...]

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