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Archives for 2009

What Will New York State’s Race to the Top Application Look Like?

Recently, the New York State Department of Education  (NYSED) circulated a Public Communication and Policy Recommendations Summary for its Race to the Top (RttT) grant proposal to the nearly 700 school districts throughout New York State. In order to participate, each district is required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding in support of the application. Key to all of the is that the RttT funds would be split 50-50 between NYSED and the districts. I started receiving copies of this last week from various colleagues as it made its way … [Read more...]

The Counter-Intuition of Advocacy

Consider these three points: 1. The school district leader says that the overall school budget is increasing each year, and not to worry. And yes, it's true: more money was allocated to education in the city budget.2. The existence of generally supportive school district officials and government leads to increased arts budgets and administrative capacity within the district arts office. 3. Overall, things seem to be improving. Looking at these three real occurrences, it's easy to see how building work in arts education advocacy would become a … [Read more...]

Art, A Music Video by Andrea Dorfman

I love this video. My daughter Sophie and I were watching this morning and she agrees, giving it a four and a half year old's seal of approval.The director is the artist Andrea Dorfman. The music is by Tanya Davis. Click away, it's a sweet and appealing video, and even if you don't like the style of music, I dare you, double dare you, to say you don't like the message. … [Read more...]

Jane Remer’s Cliffnotes: When Teachers Teach Artists: Changing the Paradigm and Balancing the Equation

Let's welcome back Jane Remer, Dewey21C's regular guest blogger. She's posted a wonderful entry that touches upon the human details of what makes for good professional development of teaching artists, not to mention teachers, administrators, and other school personnel.To read Jane's previous entries, all you have to do is search using the little box to the right and voila! --RK*********************************************************************************************************I have said for many years that some of the best professional … [Read more...]

The Third Annual NYCDOE Arts in the Schools Report: Cognitive Dissonance

This week the NYCDOE released its third Annual Arts in the School Report. Along with about thirty colleagues primarily from the arts field, I attended the report presentation at the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.The document itself must be applauded for all the work that went into it. In this difficult economy, the mere existence of this report must be given its due. The point of this blog entry is to push the NYCDOE to dig deeper, for the sake of our students and their families.If you want to read the really good news, here's … [Read more...]

The Partnership for 19th Century Skills

I have written from time-to-time about the 21st century skills movement and arts education.There was an interesting piece on the Partnership for 21st Century Learning in last week's Ed Week. In fact, this story is still on the home page of Ed Week. As more and more of the arts education field signs on to P21, it's worth giving this a good read.Whether P21 can successfully convince skeptics of its good intentions remains an open question. Concerns about a lack of specificity in its materials are no longer the sole province of core-content … [Read more...]

US Secretary of Education Is Convinced that Arts Education Raises HS Graduation Rates

''I'm convinced when students are engaged in the arts, graduation rates go up, dropout rates go down,'' Duncan said.One thing we do know about graduation rates and arts education in New York City public schools, is that the schools that offer more arts have higher rates of graduation. It's in this report.And, according to The New York Times, Duncan indicated that the re-authorization of NCLB would recognize what parents, teachers and students have all noticed: "a narrowing of the curriculum."It's all here in CAPITAL CULTURE: Obama Drops … [Read more...]

Did You Miss David Brooks on Arts Education???

I'm not claiming my second education has been exemplary or advanced. I'm describing it because I have only become aware of it retrospectively, and society pays too much attention to the first education and not enough to the second.I like David Brooks. Okay, I have to admit it, I like him even more since reading this column that many have missed because it appeared during the T-Day break.David Brooks on arts education? Really? "But I read him regularly and haven't seen anything of the sort," is what you may be thinking.Bait and switch? Not … [Read more...]

What Does CSA, the Principals Union in NYC Think about Dedicated funding for Arts Education?

Arts education needs to be incentivized through dedicated funding. Because the NYC public school system is not meeting even the most minimal standard requirements for arts education, the arts should be treated as a "protected class" of studies. When it comes to arts education, we need all of our schools to be winners. It is critical that the DoE create a dedicated funding line with budget allocations for schools to prevent more declines in arts education and capitalize on the benefits of arts education for children.--Ernest Logan, President, … [Read more...]

Oh! The Tests You’ll Take–What Dr. Seuss Might Have Written Today

Perhaps, had Dr. Seuss been alive today, he might have written the counterpart to Oh! The Places You'll Go and called it: Oh! The Tests You'll Take.One of the things I like to do with this blog is to bring to your attention things you might have missed. Here's one for ya:Tips for the Admissions Test...for Kindergarten is a piece from last week's New York Times that looks at just how out of control the testing craze has become. But wait, there's more, as in more tests a comin'. Here's a little taste of the article:Private schools warn that they … [Read more...]

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